Luis "Jibarito" Manuel de Jesus




Luis Manuel de Jesus was born in Puerto Rico. His parents, Luis M. De Jesus, Sr. and Haydee Rosario were also born in Puerto Rico.

In his youth every day, he was always surrounded by music. First of all, his father was a musician and in 1971 he was the saxophonist with the Power Orchestra. His mother, who also acquired a musical talent, played the guitar and in addition, was always busy taking care of the family.


His musical interests arose from the place where he grew up and for him, it was his school of life.  It was a very popular place called “The Residential” with Luis Llorens Torres. That is where he spent his youth with his grandmother - The Great: Martina Lopez, his second mother, and his grandfather, Americo Rubert. 

His musical experience started in his neighborhood where he always heard music from the balconies, such as the Plena and Bomba from Puerto Rico and street music. Every weekend he had the honor of experiencing and enjoying the music of a great musician, and although he is no longer with us, he will always admire the great Ismael Rivera.  

When he was a young boy in the street of Providencia, where he lived with his grandmother, he would always hear the rumbles and wherever he was, he went out and followed the sound of the drums.  He was hypnotized and when he arrived at the place, he came across the great Melo Rivera singing the Street Rumba.  Everyone enjoyed the inspiration of Melo, and as a young child himself, he would climb up a tree to watch and hear the music for hours. It was like an addiction he had inside of him. Throughout the years of this experience, when he was a youth of about 10 of 11 years old, he started listing to American music and Rap music caught his attention.

For instance, in the 80’s RunDMC and his DJ, Red Alert in the city of New York, experimented with what was called “Rappers”. After this experience, his mother moved to Miami, Florida where he continued as a DJ with various groups of Rappers, like my friends and colleagues, George Carmona aka McStar and Paul Lugo aka Paulie Gum. We had the opportunity to do events in different areas of Miami. Later on, they chose different walks of life.

He continued with his musical career and this let him to something that always caught his attention as a child, percussion. He started with his first set of Congas and I think, his Puerto Rican roots started to blossom. With much practice and determination, he had his first opportunity with the Maestro (“the Teacher”)Tino Marti, in the Mystic Disco Salon. He later had the opportunity to perform with great teachers and the Sensation Orchestra.

In the 90’s he performed with El Grand Combo, the great Israel Kanton, the Ara Oko Group and with the Musical Director, Jose Gray. Also with the Class A Orchestra with Director Andy Alfonso, the great Freddy Lugo, Sabor Tropical and others.

Beginning in the year 2000, he started with the Orchestra Groupo Mavi, with Director Luis Papo Rodriguez and his great friend and colleague, the Master, Kiki Sanchez. Also with Calle Sol and other known artists such as the Great Robert Hereida. With the Orchestra Ayer y Hoy, with Director Ivan Parraz and Javier Parraz, Sr. He also had the privilege of participating with great teachers such as, Riche Ray and Bobby Cruz. The David Lucca Orchestra and with the reknown Classic Latin Music, Don Perignon and Rico Walker. With Cita Rodriguez, daughter of Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez . He also was privileged to be a friend of the teacher and music director of Miguel Rivera. Best known as Mike Rivera, producer of his First Single. 

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